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There’s A Millions Ways to Die in the West, Yet I have No Time to Die…

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

2020 is such an unforgettable year. I experienced extremely highs and lows in life, and had so many “first” that will be eternally imprinted in my mind and heart.

I worked onsite for most weekends, and had only used 5 holidays and 2 PTO days plus partial weekends to explore the beautiful America West. I did solo exploring for the first half and luckily I got great company in the second half of the year. Sometimes good things won’t last, but I enjoyed it while it lasts…

I am grateful for the great company especially my buddy Hunter, teaches me all the philosophy of life - An extra mile can make thing more intriguing. I also owe lots of gratitude to Dave who saved me by sharing me his food and walking stick when I injured my ankle ~3 miles away from trailhead, as well as another unknown kind gentleman who "forced" to give me a bottle of water when I was almost dehydrated, yeah, 4 hours sleeping in car and drove 10+ hours, and then hiked for 6 hours.

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