• Ray

1.5-day weekend with three hikes

Worked on editing two proposals on Saturday morning, then left Salt Lake City for the epic trails in Southern Utah. After ~4 hours I finally arrived at the Delano Peak trailhead in Fish Lake National Forest. This short hike to over 12k Ft is straight up! I cannot go on after 100 yards and was questioning myself whether I can safely come back before dark as I started at 4:30 PM. But I kept going. At half way up, I met the only other hiker on this trail. Anyhow I rested a lot but kept going, finally I arrived at around 7 pm! Scenery is fine but I didn't see the said 40-60 mountain goats! Such a waste of bringing 200-500 mm lense and camera! Anyway it was a good hike and I got down to the car in about an hour, long before it gets dark at over 9 pm. I then drove the rest area on I15 which is 50 miles away from Zion Visitor center. Had a bad sleep overnight.

At 4:20 am I got up and then drove to Zion National Park Visitor Center and arrived at 5:20. Spend 20 minutes sorting equipment and had some food and drink, then went to wait for the bus. Toooo many people in line and I couldn't get on the shuttle bus until 7:10 am! Finally I was at the trailhead to Angel's landing! It was a strenuous hike to the chain section since there's lots of zig-zag section! The first section of the chain was fine, but the final hike looks scary especially with millions of people in line trying to go up! I hesitated a little and gave up, will come back and do it next time when less crowded!

Unhappy with the not finishing the trail, so I decided to go to Bryce Canyon National park for the famous Navajo Loop trail. It was awesome to be hike down. Good scenery! After that it was already 4:20 PM! Time to go back home. I was too tired and had to sleep multiple times on the road side before I eventually arrived home around 8:30 PM. Such a great three hiking trails in 1.5 days with over 700 miles driven!!

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