RAY's Travel (UTAH007)

The goal of the website is to share with people about the beauty of the US as well as the world from his point of view. Hopefully people can find peace, remain safe, healthy, and optimistic during the pandemic even if they are trapped at home. Having driven through/in all 50 states between 2011 and 2014, Ray has a lot to share.

Ray loved Utah a lot. Meanwhile, he has travelled half of the country with family and friends, and another half all by himself. All he had was weekend and holidays, he wasted none of them.

He is a big fan of mission impossible, like driving alone for 2200 miles in 2 days (without speeding), riding bikes for 200 miles in 2 days when younger.

About Ray

Besides an avid wanderlust, RAY is primarily a scientist with the expertise in polymer-based materials for biomedical applications particularly anti-cancer drug delivery and imaging. He also works in polymer composite for aerospace applications. His current work focuses on energy storage materials.  He also plays soccer and won lots of championships in different competitions across the US. He greatly enjoys hiking, camping, and photography.

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